Is there a perfect working day?

Is there a perfect working day?

Is this the perfect day?

Visualise your perfect day. Close your eyes right now and think of exactly what you would want your perfect day to be. I’m closing my eyes whilst I write this so that I am doing the same. I have read the ‘perfect day’ activity so many times in different books or free downloads as well as doing the full activity in workshops. Hell, I have even held a perfect day workshop in a corporate setting. All different perspectives but the same theme… achieving perfection!

If you have done this I bet the first instinct is vacation! Being on a each sipping pina coladas whilst the sun shines on you. Or watching the perfect sunset like in the image above just feeling the pure love of mother nature at her best.

These are fantastic images for a perfect day, absolutely but they are usually vacation days or millionaire dreams that people have fun visualising but don’t actually believe are in their future. So, the perfect day tool which as I mentioned is widely used as a basis for life coaching isn’t about the perfect vacation or perfect sunset. Its about quantum leaping from whatever your working normal day looks like right now into what you wish and want it to be.

May you sit at your office cubicle with your desktop computer with a plastic plant on the cabinet nearby (because any attempt at a real life plant dies within days in this place) and the plain white/grey wall because your desk is no where near a window and you often doubt if the outside world still keeps turning whilst you plug away for 7-10 maybe more hours a day at this computer. Ok That reads a bit dramatic (or does it?)… whatever your starting point is, the aim of the perfect day is to quantum leap your imagination into what it could be.

So if you are still an aspiring entrepreneur or if you have your business and its thriving, revisiting or thinking about your perfect day is always motivating.

Wake up, where? Where do you want to live? Will you live in an apartment or a ranch or a detached country cottage.

After the perfect breakfast you check your calendar for the day, what lies ahead? Are you a coach or knowledge broker? Do you have calls scheduled with people who have paid 6 figures to work with you? Are you recording a podcast or interview? Do you have a planning session with your VA or team who are pulling together options for your next Mastermind location or are you planning that weekend retreat?

Do you have lunch plans at a networking event?

Maybe you have appointments in the afternoon, maybe a couple of discovery calls with some potential new clients who are interested in your top ticket programme.

Maybe this is more my perfect day than yours, but the point is that you are never going to live that perfect day if you do not know what it is. How can you put a business building plan together if you don’t have the clear vision of the direction you want your business to move in.

Ok maybe you aren’t looking for the big house, big income and big dreams. It doesn’t matter, if you perfect day is filled with 1:1 appointments as a therapist or doing a speaking event at a local womans support group it doesn’t matter. Whatever it is for you is whats important and for you to start to live and work towards that life then you need to know where you are going.

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